Recommended Links

Interested in learning more about the science in science fiction?  There are a number of sites that provide additional information about the biology - and physics, geology, and other sciences - behind SF. Some of my favorites:

Science In My Fiction Blog

Technovelgy: Biology in Science Fiction

Essays on Biology in Science Fiction by Prof. Joan Slonczewski

Biotechnology and Speculative Fiction by Brian Stableford

David Brin's "Science Fiction That Teaches" page

Julie Czerneda's Classroom Resources for Teaching with SF

David Kirby's Science/Fiction Interactions (Lab Coats in Hollywood)

Center for Genetics and Society: Human Biotechnology in Art and Culture

Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection at Texas A&M: Biology References

NYU Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database: Film Annotations

NYU Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database: Literature Annotations

Hollywood, Health and Society

TV Tropes: You Fail Biology Forever