Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mighty Blue Science!

Science writer Jennifer Ouellette reports good news in her excellent blog, Cocktail Party Physics: Season 1 of the animated version of The Tick is now on DVD. It's clever and funny, and, as Jennifer points out, full of twisted science:
And there's lots of science! Of a particularly twisted nonsensical sort, granted, but science nonetheless. For people like me, who adore finding pop culture tie-ins as an excuse to talk about science, this is a very exciting thing. Consider the case of a slime-based organism called Thrakkorzog, inventor of the Clonerizer. His cloning process involves mixing together a "secret cloning sauce," a pinch of a oregano, and a toenail from the subject to be cloned. Talk about being ripped from the headlines! Or perhaps the menu of an Italian restaurant...
Read her whole post for more mighty blue science. Spoon!

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