Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Free Fiction: The Ugly Chickens

The selection for this week's link to free science fiction with a biological theme is The Ugly Chickens by Howard Waldrop. It received the Nebula for Best Novelette 1980.
I spent last summer crawling through The Big Thicket with cameras and tape recorder, photographing and taping two of the last ivory-billed woodpeckers on the earth. You can see the films at your local Audubon Society showroom.

This year I wanted something just as flashy but a little less taxing. Perhaps a population study on the Bermuda cahow, or the New Zealand takahe. A month or so in the warm (not hot) sun would do me a world of good. To say nothing of the advance of science.
The birds our hero ultimately finds are rare indeed. Read the whole story at SciFiction.

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