Sunday, February 11, 2007

Biology in Science Fiction Reference Library

There are a number of books available that look at the science in science fiction which are written with the non-scientist in mind. I've included the links to some of these works below - take your pick between purchasing a copy from or checking out the book from the nearest library. I'll update the list as I find new books.

To Seek Out New Life:
The Biology of Star Trek|Library Search

Life Signs:
The Biology of Star Trek|Library Search

The Science of Star Wars|Library Search

The Biology of
Science Fiction Cinema|Library Search

The Real Science
Behind the X-Files|Library Search

Science of Jurassic Park
and the Lost World|Library Search

The Science of Aliens|Library Search

The science of ... Aliens Library Search

Aliens and Alien Societies|Library Search

Barlowe's Guide
to Extraterrestrials|Library Search

A Field Guide for Earthlings|Library Search

The Science of the X-Men|Library Search

The Science of Superheroes|Library Search

The Science of Supervillains|Library Search

The Science in Science Fiction: 83 SF Predictions that Became Scientific Reality|Library Search

Fantastic Voyages:
Learning Science Through Science Fiction Films|Library Search

Teaching Science Fact
with Science Fiction | Library Search

Older Books


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  3. Buffyverse by Jennifer Ouelette (the blogger on Twisted Cocktail Physics)?

  4. Jennifer's book is about the physics of the Buffyverse (unless she wrote another one about biology?). I chose not to include the books that were exclusively about physics, since there are a lot of them.

    I do enjoy Jennifer's blog, Cocktail Party Physics, and if that's a fair representation of her writing style, I'm sure her Buffy book is a good one.

  5. I didn't know there was a book about the science behind X-Files. I'm a total X-File nut. I'm going to totally order that book.

    The Truth is out there.


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