Thursday, February 01, 2007

That's Not Quite Right, Veronica

Jenny F. Scientist points out that the portrayal of a research lab in the Veronica Mars episode "Show Me the Monkey" is way off the mark for many reasons:
  • Nobody stores their monkeys in the lab. This is what animal facilities are FOR.
  • Because to work with primates, or even be in a room with them, you need clearance, training, and a TB test. And then you have to swipe in.
  • And besides, who wants to work with a monkey in the lab?
  • Ditto on the rats. Ewwww.
  • Also, the chick next door? Nobody covers their entire lab space with experimental plants and grow lights. They make greenhouses for that. Really.
  • And while tea does live in lab, not so much next to the sink. Safety gets upset.
Read the rest of her post for the full list.

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