Monday, May 19, 2008

Aeon Flux is Biological Science Fiction

Nina Munteanu has a nice review of the live-action movie version of Aeon Flux: aptly called the motion picture “biological science fiction”. Says Oren, Trevor’s treacherous brother who betrays him: “We’ve beaten death. We’ve beaten nature.” The film’s clean organic high-tech look faithfully captures the “sense of biotech gone wild” of the TV series by exploring several paradigms inherent in a society that lives deliberately in the absense of nature’s chaos. Indeed, the lack of connectivity resonates throughout the motion picture in its exploration of friendship, family, loyalty, and purpose.
Both her description of the movie and the animated series that inspired it make them sound worth watching - something I didn't get from the trailer when the movie was released. Go read the whole review.

If you like Aeon Flux, you might be interested in the interactive comic. There is no way for me to link to it directly (curse you flash-only web sites), but you can go to the official Aeon Flux site, click on "Features" in the left menu, then select "Interactive Comic Book."


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  1. movie is ok, but the animated series is excellent, if you can work out what's going on.


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