Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Embryogenesis in Zero G

Ninaki Priddy's short video "The Surrender" looks at what the effect of a zero gravity environment might be on human embryogenesis:
In mans quest to colonize outer space, developmental biology in zero gravity has posed an unreasonable risk to capable mothers. The Defense requires comprehensive assessment and federal restrictions to regulate the genetic adaptation of simple organisms in a gravity stressed environment.

Ninaki writes:
The mini treatment was the product of a seminar at SCI-ARC that Rene Daalder (scifi director) & Claire Philips (scifi writer) collaborated to host the Space Collective. Students were asked to generate a synopsis of an environment for "forward thinking terrestrials". In class writing exercises and discussions on the possibilities of an architecture on another planet, became refined story lines for each student and their individual background and philosophies. Before graduating from SCI-ARC, I had studied biology for 3 years: my focus on pediatrics. Which led me onto this research of adapting an alluring proposition of procreation in a zero-gravity environment. Using new media software, MAYA, Final Cut Pro, the visual treatment was an opportunity to model and render the script to life.
You can see many more future-looking student videos at SpaceCollective.org

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