Monday, June 30, 2008

What's Hot in Science Right Now

Last week's Mind Meld at SF Signal asked SF writers "What current avenue of scientific inquiry do you believe people should be paying attention to, and why?" Bioscience topics were brought up by several of the respondants.
  • Kathleen Ann Goonan suggested research on the brain, including how memory works and plasticity.
  • Nina Munteanu pointed to the environment and ecosystems.
  • Jennifer Ouellette talked about science on the fringes, and research at the intersection of the biosciences and physics
And Nancy Kress made what I think is a good point about science and the public imagination:
Cutting-edge science manages to go along pretty well without massive public observation, since what interests most people isn't scientific research but its more practical little cousin, technology.
Most people like science that does something. And that's where the creativity of SF writers comes in - thinking of those possible somethings before they actually exist.

Read the whole Mind Meld.


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  1. I also agree to it Peggy,people are usually interested in applied aspect of the science,the technology which
    directly affects their day to day life.


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