Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Regrowing Body Parts: Real Bionic Women

Nina Munteanu has a very interesting post about the latest military technology that uses nano-scaffolding to regrow internal organs and other body parts.
Much like a real scaffold, the nano-scaffold guides cells to grab onto it so they can begin to rebuild missing bones and tissue. “The tissue grows through tiny holes in the nano-scaffold, in the same way a vine snakes its way up a trellis,” writes Vito Pilieci of the Vancouver Sun. “after the body part has regenerated, the nano-scaffold breaks down, is absorbed into the person’s body and disappears entirely.” The nail, bone and tissue re-grew completely.
As Nina points out, this sounds very much like the "anthrocyte" nanomachines that rebuilt Jaime Sommers in the rebooted version of The Bionic Woman . . .


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  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    The first question is: can people re-grow body parts, and will they be healthy body parts? That is the first question that comes to mind. Second i read that they "will "harness stem cell research and technology … to reconstruct new skin, muscles and tendons, and even ears, noses and fingers." The government is budgeting $250 million in public and private money for the project's first five years." I understand tissue regeneration is up and about but growing body parts? that's just...beyond weird.

    However this is incredibly impressive. If they pull it off im going to be surprised. And i mean pull it off 100% no fingers falling off after a week. If they pull that off it wont impress me much.

    Great post,


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