Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Classic Science Fiction Channel

The Crotchety Old Fan has updated his Classic Science Fiction Channel, which is an excellent compilation of free classic SF movies from around the web. I find it a bit clunky to navigate through, but it's worth browsing through to find the gems.

Here are some of the more biological offerings, mostly of the "big deadly critter" variety:

And, in case it's not clear, you need to click on the poster to watch the movie. They are hosted offsite in a variety of locations, including archive.org, YouTube, and Hulu. Movies that COF gave at least a 4/5 rating have a star *. I've also linked to the Wikipedia description, in case you want to know more about the movie without actually watching it.

The Classic Science Fiction Channel site is still under construction. It looks like there will eventually be links to free TV shows and old radio programs as well, so keep an eye on it.



  1. thanks for the mention!

    bit clunky...hmmmm. Yes, I agree, especially since I had to set the links up individually - but I wanted to be able to display a 'full-sized' movie poster AND have each film on its own post as well.

    I'm wrestling with nextgen a bit over there and will probably eventually implement the '3D wall' version of the gallery display.

    But in the meantime I'm also moving the site to a different server (and and and...) so despite my best intentions it is going to take a little longer to get to.

    On a happier note, I'm going to be adding Slaughterhouse V and Brazil to the lineup shortly. If you haven't seen them, they are a 'must'. (Brazil in particular is difficult to find/rent and is an excellent movie. It ought to be watched side-by-side with Metropolis...)

  2. Actually the clunkiness is more in the navigation. To get to an individual movie page you have to click on the thumbnail, which launches your lightbox image viewer (or whatever it's called), and then click on the link to take you to the page. I was expecting to click on the thumb and have it take me directly to the page. Also, it would be nice to have the option of text links rather than image links for quick navigation, but that may just be my old-fashioned preferences.

    Cool that you're adding Slaughterhouse Five and Brazil. I haven't seen the former since I was in high school, which was a quarter century ago (ulp!). Of course the last thing I need are more distractions . . .

  3. I vividly remember watching the Triffids in a movie theater when I was 8 years old in Daly City. I was petrified of those trees. To this day I still remember how to kill them.

  4. Science fiction is a great portal for scientific innovations. Just think about how many modern scientific technologies were first conceptualized by science fiction writers and movie makers. Kids working on science fair projects can turn to science fiction for ideas and inspiration.

  5. I must disagree with you when you say "The Omega Man" was the first adaptation of Mathesons' "I Am Legend". Any Crotchety Old Fan should know that the first film version of "I Am Legend" was first made into "The Last Man On Earth" with Vincent Price.

  6. That wasn't Crotchety Old Fan's mistake, that was mine. My only defense is that not being particularly old (or crotchety), Last Man on Earth was made before I was born. It also doesn't seem to have gotten the occasional late-night-TV showings that Omega Man does.

    Thanks for the correction.


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