Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I like a little Science in My Fiction

The fine folks at Crossed Genres have started a new blog: Science In My Fiction.
Science in My Fiction is a new blog we’re launching to get science fiction and fantasy writers and fans thinking ahead of science again. Playful bloggers will take a look at recent scientific developments and extrapolate potential futures from them.
The focus on extrapolating possible futures from current science gives it a bit of a different spin from most science-in-SF type blogs.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I'll be a contributor. I'm looking forward to it!

The first post is by Kay Holt: "Extrapolative Fiction for Sapient Earthlings"
Researchers’ recent suggestion that dolphins be recognized as non-human persons is a prime example of a scientific idea ripe for storytellers’ extrapolation. Dolphins have brains very like ours and they apparently think much like we do. They also have complex societies and recognize themselves in mirrors. Sure, they lack opposable thumbs, but that hasn’t kept them from inventing tools and quickly teaching each other new skills.
Go check it out!



  1. Now there's a good idea! I've added it to my reading list and look forward to seeing what else pops up.

    personally I'm quite interested in that "dolphins take over the world" scenario! ;o)

  2. lets give them (dolphins) a chance to rule they are having bigger(brains) than us !! and i hope it would b more peacefull :D

  3. Erik: If the dolphins found out what humans are really like, they might not treat us so kindly. At the least they might lock us up in zoos and force us to do tricks.

  4. knossos1:15 PM

    Peggy: If the dolphins haven't found out until now what humans are really like, there is no help for both dolphins and humans, i fear...


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