Saturday, August 14, 2010


Neurotopia's The Evil Monkey has a non-fiction article in the latest edition of Lightspeed Magazine about memory, self-perception and amnesia.
Personalities can change as we walk through life. One day you’re happy, the next, angry at losing your job. That anger can change you. Fear can change you, and some Buddhists would argue that you’re really a new person from moment to moment, with memory providing only the illusion of continuity. Events can set us free, scar us temporarily or permanently. Memory is not just a personal narrative, it shapes who we are. We recall our memories and reflect upon them, and that mere act of reflection and evaluation can alter our choices and, thus, who we become.

It's loosely related to Tobias Buckell's short story "Manumission" (published in the same edition), which uses intentional memory removal as a plot device.

Read "You Are the Person You Are Now" by The Evil Monkey at Lightspeed Magazine.

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