Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Flick: They're Made out of Meat

I'm meat, you're meat, all of us humans are sentient meat, as two aliens are surprised to discover in this short film:

"They're Made Out of Meat" is an adaptation of Terry Bisson's 1991 Nebula-award nominated short story of the same name.  Directed by Balcony TV founder Stephen O'Regan and starring actor and director Tom Noonan and comedian Ben Bailey, the movie was the winner of the 2006 Science Fiction Short Film Festival in Seattle.

Humans are also made of meat / L@s human@s también estamos hech@s de carneI think the movie captures what's great about humanity: we may be merely carbon-based life forms, but we play music, laugh, play games, flirt and kiss.  And we make machines that reach out to the rest of the universe, looking for other intelligent life to talk to. I just hope that if there is intelligent life out there, we're not dismissed on the basis of our meatiness.

 You can also read "They're Made out of Meat" for free on Terry Bisson's web site. Check it out!


  1. I love "They're Made Out of Meat." Such a brilliant piece of writing. May have to teach that now...

  2. I think it could spark a great classroom discussion.


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