Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Interview with Brian Kolm of Atomic Bear Press

Brian Kolm is the talented artist who created the Biology in Science Fiction mouse-with-rocket-pack logo. Today I chatted with him about logo design, motion comics, art classes, the Alternative Press Expo (APE), socializing with other artists and more. You can watch the video right here on this post, on the Google+ Event Page or the Science and SF YouTube Channel.

More information about what we discussed:

Brian Kolm at Atomic Bear Press
Ink, Drink, Draw
(hang out and create with other artists in San Francisco)
• Motion Comic Magic sample work: video promoting the comic Kid Beowulf and video for Karen Luk's Kickstarter SteampunkABC
• Alternative Press Expo (APE) 2012 (San Francisco)
• Schulz Museum (Santa Rosa)
Cartoon Art Museum (San Francisco)
• Artist influences: Brian Froud, Charles Vess, James Gurney

Watch our chat:

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