Saturday, June 30, 2007

Biology in SF Bits

PZ Myers linked to yesterday's post about respect for biology, and there is an interesting discussion about biology vs. physics in science fiction going on in the comments. Welcome Pharyngulites!

John Scalzi interviews Robert J. Sawyer on the Ficlets Blog. They talk about the moral issues around new biotechnologies, and science fiction writing in Canada, among other things.

Sandra Kiume at Omni Brian reviews Chuck Palahniuk's latest novel, Rant While Palahniuk.
Just how much is society a construction of neurobiology? The novel teases with descriptions of plagues and viruses affecting the brain before asking that question. With Rant's departure and an unusual method of screwing with genetics, it seems possible to escape both the past and the future.
Vaughan at Mind Hacks links to the 60s B-Movie The Brain that Wouldn't Die, which has fallen into the public domain.
It's another classic story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl in terrible car crash, boy keeps girl's head alive in neuroscience lab while looking for attractive new body.
Matt Cordes and Kevan Davis have created a cool Zombie Infection Simulator (via SF Signal).

Pink Ray Gun has a review of science fiction teen drama Kyle XY.
There’s something I don’t get about Jessie XX. She wakes up and knows how to kill a guy and do paintings in pointillism, but she doesn’t know how to use soap? What were they teaching her in the goo filled tank of hers for seventeen years? Were they teaching her to spell?
SciFi Chick has a nice pencil drawing of Kyle XY star Matt Dallas too. Does anyone else find it a bit disturbing when attractive 25-year-olds play 16-year-olds on TV?

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