Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Killer Super-Plants

Kevin Maher of AMC's SciFi Department visits the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to take a look at killer plants in fact and fiction - particularly horror B-movies.

Here are links to some of the mentioned movies, in case you want to add them to your video library or Netflix queue.



  1. So what about mutant sundews who capture humans on sticky, drug-encrusted leaves? Or giant flytraps who only incidentally eat humans who step into their innocent looking leaves? And a carnivorous pheromone emitting villain is also possible. None of these are as sexy as the movie veggie carnivores but more possible. Except the Sarlaac.

  2. I think scary plants are pretty much a horror story staple. Just think of all the forests where the trees come to life to attack unwary travelers.

    In terms of unexpectedly lethal plants, I like Niven's immobilie yet lethal sunflowers.

    (and I'm not convinced the sarlaac is even a plant)


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