Monday, June 01, 2009

Can You Identify This Story involving a Cat-human Chimera?

I got a query from a reader about identifying a story:
Here are the elements I remember about the story (some of which may be wrong). It was about a human (woman I think) who brought home a cat that had been used in biomedical research. The cat was a cat- human chimera, with some human mental capabilities. I think she obtained the cat when it was retired from research. I don't remember what if anything "happened" in the story - I just remember the intense and haunting psychological relationship she developed with the cat. I think the story won an award (I think I read it in a Best SFF of 19xx collection).
She also says she read it a few years ago on the web.

It doesn't ring any bells for me. Can any of you readers help?



  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    The closest thing I can remember that comes close is a story from the Catfantastic Collection, I have books I-IV. What is a short story or a novel?

  2. I'm pretty sure a short story (or at least no longer than a novella), since it might have been in a "Best SFF of 19xx collection"

  3. I wrote a short story variation on this theme, titled Contra Mundum. It was published in After Hours.

  4. PS: Contra Mundum is on Starship Reckless: the Stories link, the Realms of Fire file.

  5. It probably isn't, but it did remind me of Peter F. Hamilton's "The Forever Kitten", which was published first in Nature and later in Hartwell and Cramer's Year's Best SF 11 (2006).


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