Friday, August 26, 2011

Twittering with Aliens @ SIMF

I have a new post up at Science in My Fiction about learning the language of aliens right here on Earth. he photo on the right is a hint about the sort of creature involved.

Go check it out!

Image credit: Body parts I - What are you looking at? by Sami__, on Flickr


  1. Cute! I love book about aliens also. I write them;)

  2. Very interesting article, it definitely got me thinking by Revathi

  3. Awesome stuff. I love aliens.

  4. Me always. I'm was appeared in discovery channel's documentary "When aliens attack" (coming soon).
    Nice Post. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for sharing, nice blog, i like it, wait for new post.
    Merry Christmas buddy..:)


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