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ReGenesis is a Canadian television show follows scientists at the fictional NorBAC (The North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission).
Rogue scientist David Sandström (Peter OuterbridgeMonk), the world's leading molecular biologist, leads a team of world renowned scientists including Rachel Woods (Wendy Crewson24) at the North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission (NorBAC). Sandström and his team research dangerous and threatening cases involving deadly new strains of HIV, mutant bacterium, bio-terrorism and atmospheric pollution that, if left unsolved, could wreak havoc on a global scale. With each case, the scientists are faced with trying setbacks, both scientific and political, that even the NorBAC organization may not be able to control. [from OGI]
The show has partnered with the Ontario Genomics Institute to produce an official episode guide with science fact sheets and science & society notes for each episode. For example, Season 3 episode 1 looks at the biology of cyanobacteria and the hunt for alternative energy sources. It's a cool resource for the TV watcher who wants more info. There is also an official NorBAC web site where you can learn more about the investigations, tour the lab and "interact with the laboratory staff to solve a scenario."

ReGenesis just completed its third season, and has been broadcast in Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and beginning this fall, Japan. I'm hoping that it gets picked up here in the U.S.

Image: Virologist ‘Rachel Woods’ (Wendy Crewson) assists in the lab. Photo by Christos Kalohoridis

Tags: (via George Dvorsky, who wrote about transhumanism to go along with Season III Episode 13 of the series)


  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I'm in Canada and have seen this show a few times. I don't think it will ever have the mass market appeal of say, CSI and House, but they do have some interesting storylines. And...they do have one thing over the CSI's - they can actually pipette properly sometimes!! :)


  2. Crystal: House is special because of Hugh Laurie. I can't imagine another show competing. ReGenesis sounds more like maybe MI5 with biologists than CSI - no murdered prostitutes or high rollers, anyway.


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