Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Happening and Intelligent Design

Annalee Newitz at io9 reviews The Happening, and points out that the science isn't just bad - it's actually an anti-science movie.
Maybe you thought Ben Stein's ill-fated documentary Expelled was the only movie to argue in favor of the neo-Christian idea that an "intelligent designer" created the universe. Think again. With its references to "unexplained acts of nature" and a science teacher main character who calls evolution "just a theory," The Happening is basically a giant propaganda machine for intelligent design. Maybe science journalists are jizzing all over its allegedly realistic plants-attack-humans plot, but we talked to Shyamalan and we know the truth.
It's really a movie that touts Shyamalan's devout Christian world view. Not only is "science not enough" to explain nature, but it's about Zooey Deschanel's character "Alma" becoming a proper wife.
In the film's other major Christian-influenced subplot, we discover that Alma and Elliot have "been fighting" — not only does Alma have the gal to insist that they "wait to have children," but she also went out to dessert with a male colleague without telling Elliot. What? Dessert and lack of babies makes her evil? Apparently so.
And of course it ends with Alma happily preggers. I'll definitely save my $10.

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  1. Mr Parsons: I'm leaving your advertisement up, because this is a science fiction blog, and what you describe is really fiction rather than fact.


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