Friday, March 20, 2009

ART Evoloved

While I'm on the topic of paleontology, I'll point you to ART Evolved, a new Palaeo-Art community.Founder Peter Bond writes:
Craig and I started ART Evolved for one reason. To share art and technique about recreating dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, plants and ancient landscapes. As someone who loves art of extinct life, I found that there really wasn't a community of amateur palaeo-artists on the net. ART Evolved aims to bring together everyone who shares our love for art from Earth's history.
They are open to contributions, so be sure to check it out if you'd like to share your own paleontology-inspired art.

While the art on the site is more science than fiction, contributor Glendon Mellow's work is a bit of both worlds. I especially like his alien looking Life As Trilobite (at left) and Sara Chasm.

(Thanks to artist and writer Sean Craven for the tip.)

Image (top right): Psittacosaur Fleshed Out by Sean Craven
Image (bottom left): Life as Trilobite by Glendon Mellow


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  1. Thanks for your interest in Art Evolved, Peggy! And for your kind words about my self-portrai--err, totally made-up painting.


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