Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Free Fiction: Visions of Gingerbread

At this year's party, as usual, everyone from my executive VP to the mail clerk steered clear of me. An hour into the evening, as conversations buzzed in every other part of the room, I found myself standing alone, eggnog in hand, looking at the Christmas tree. It was as if I had never seen one before. There was something about the shape of the tree, about its deep green shadows and its smell, that spoke to me. It said, forest. It said, everything is alive. It said, this is the perfect moment. And at that perfect moment, I felt as if I were a key sliding into its lock. The universe and I, we fit.
Sometimes feelings of love, peace and joy need just a bit of chemical assistance.

Read "Visions of Gingerbread" by Bruce Holland Rogers.

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