Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Regenesis on Hulu.com

The fall TV season is finally in full swing, and I'm already feeling a bit overwhelmed. After tonight's 3 hours of Heroes my head is aching a bit, and I still haven't seen tonight's Sarah Connor Chronicles. Who knows when I'll get to watch that. So obviously, I don't need any more TV to watch, but I've made special note that Hulu is now offering the first two seasons of the Canadian biotech drama ReGenesis online.

I've posted about ReGenesis several times before, but never actually seen an episode. (I believe they've been shown at 2am on Monday nights here in the US). What's especially cool is the collaboration between ReGenesis and the Ontario Genomics Institute to create "Facts Behind the Fiction" and "Science & Society" guides for every episode. Hopefully, I'll get caught up before seasons 3 and 4 become available.

Watch ReGenesis @ Hulu.com
ReGenesis "Facts Behind the Fiction" at the Ontario Genomics Institute

(via io9)

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